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Monday, 03 November 2008 15:08

At present, rural water supply and environmental sanitation in Vietnam is essential issue and attract much attention of Government, organizations and sponsors to achieve better life quality for people.

WESMapper – National Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Management & Monitoring System in Vietnam was used as a tool to support the RWSS monitoring and management in the country. This information exchange channel to support authorities are easy to manage, monitor and support the development of stable data-collection, avoid overlap, serve regular updating and reporting, and share information in the sector from the center to local level.

WESMapper has been developed with friendly interface, multi-language support be suitable with any size of each local, institutes. This program can even use in all over the world. With the first version, WESMapper has been contributed and used since March 2006; WESMapper has been used at UNICEF Vietnam, CERWASS, and 17 pilot provinces in country. This software is using in the whole country in 2007.

Features of WESMapper:

1. Tools of indicators management

Indicators are both means and norms to assess the operation effectiveness in management. Currently, indicators of WESMapper has been managed at the central level and unified to use for all levels. These indicators are related to the following fields: water supply, sanitation, environment, school, medical station, investment indicators and the stable indicators…

2. Tools of data management

In the water supply and environmental sanitation management and monitoring, data gathering, process and saving have been organized into procedure to ensure understanding thoroughly and unify from the local level to the central level. Raw Data was collected and processed at the ward, commune level, and then send to the provincial level. At the provincial level, data was updated into database of WESMapper, after that send it to the central level, indicators monitoring was completed for all levels. In contrast, the central level can be updated database and sent back to the provincial level. Thus, data was managed both local level and central level.

3. Tools of report creating/map assessment

The strength of WESMapper is a capacity of report creating and map assessment. Reports are the result of indicator calculation established by user. The accuracy of report depends on the accuracy of indicators.
Maps show the assessment result presented by color and the dimension of diagram on the map. Therefore, user can view the general information of deploying situation and the implementation of all provinces in country on the map.

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