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Wednesday, 05 November 2008 09:34

GIS application in many industries to serve our life such as transportation, communications, business, education, defense, natural resources… Hereafter, we study what GIS can do for Health Organization in Health and Human Services.

Desktop GIS

  • Analyze disease outbreaks and social challenges and illustrate gaps in service and coverage.
  • Conduct geodemographic market analysis and document health disparities and access.
  • Manage the logistics of geographically dispersed health materials, supplies, care givers and assets.
  • Route health and human service workers, medical first responders, equipment, and supplies to service locations.
Internet GIS
  • Provide public access to spatially relevant information.
  • Publish information (maps and globes) that creates spatial awareness of health issues, resources, and facilities.
  • Provide service locator services for consumers seeking health and social resources.
  • Communicate alerts and notifications to community health and human service stakeholders.
  • Provide geographically specific “early warnings” to the public in emergencies and threats such as flu and natural disease outbreaks or bioterrorism acts.
Wireless GIS
  • Support the delivery of community health and family services.
  • Distribute geospatially relevant clinical, social, behavioral and environmental health data to first responders and community leadership.
  • Provide nearest location information to health seeking consumers.
Societal GIS
  • Integrate geographically local, regional and national health and human service information infrastructures.
  • Make health and human service data interoperable through the use of spatially aware HL7 messaging services.
  • Monitor the specific geographically or locationally based incidence and prevalence of disease and health and social interventions.
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