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Thursday, 06 November 2008 15:57

VidaGIS is a Joint Venture Company between DanWater Group and IFU in Denmark and Cartographic Publishing House under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Vietnam. The company specializes in providing solutions and services related to Geographic Information System (GIS) and commit to bring the best products, economic and suitable solutions, satisfy all demand as well as able to implement the big projects relating to GIS.

VidaGIS is proud of providing services that would bring especially the highest benefits for many local and international organizations such as IFU, DanWater Group, DHI…and have successful application at many organizations such as Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Ministry of Medical, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Aquiculture and Non Government Organization such as UNICEF, WHO, FAO, UNAIDS, DANIDA, GTZ, DanWater and Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group,…etc.


VidaGIS has established since 2003 based on the tightly cooperation between Cartographic Publishing House map (BANDO) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, DanWater group and the Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) of Denmark. The company has used technical experiences of partners in fields of:

  • Technology of map measurement
  • Technology of building GIS database
  • Technology of water supply and sewerage network management

2003, become a member of Vietnam Map Geodesic Association
2004, become a member of Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association
2005, VidaGIS has become Silver Server Reseller - EPN (ESRI® Partner Network) of ESRI (USA) in supplying and building GIS in Vietnam. In this year, VidaGIS is the first company in Vietnam which was issued the certificate of ESRI Authorized Instructor by ESRI.
With such experiences and capacity, VidaGIS had implemented projects of development and services supply as following:

  • Software development with total turnover of $927,053 over 28 projects.
  • Training services with total turnover of $85,076 over 18 projects
  • Supply database with total turnover of là $191,053 over 30 projects
  • Consulting services with total turnover of $14,772 over 5 projects
  • Supply ESRI software with total turnover of $1,057,178 over 88 projects
  • Supply other softwares with total turnover of $15,320 over 2 projects

VidaGIS has developed and supplied GIS products of software and service not only in Vietnam market but also in Danmark, Thailand, Singapore….

On 30 Dec, 2008, VidaGIS and DanWater Malaysia had signed cooperation agreement and DanWater Malaysia will integrate the system of water supply and non revenue water reduction network management for field of water supply in Malaysia.

In the progress of developing and support regarding knowledge of clean water management and the cooperation of Vietnam inside and outside partners, VidaGIS continue to upgrade service quality to be a leader company in field of GIS application for the system of water supply and non revenue water reduction network management for field of water supply and sewerage in Vietnam.


GIS consultancy services
VidaGIS Company has focused and ready to advice clients a step by step through understanding individual needs and specific infrastructure conditions. From that, offering professional advices to design optimization is the most effective way for each customer.  Our company has got a lot of experiences in providing GIS experts, technical support, geographic analysis, project management and database consultancy.

GIS training services
VidaGIS Lecturers have been trained at ESRI Company, and granted the certificate of ESRI Authorized Instructor valued worldwide. The Company is a unique company in Vietnam awarded certificates for who completed courses. Moreover, the entire teaching facilities of courses are followed the ESRI standard with the basic GIS training courses and ESRI software training courses such as ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, Arc GIS Spatial Analyst…And other training courses of VidaGIS software such as WDMS, WWMS, WAMS…

GIS database services
VidaGIS Company and Cartographic Publishing House with rich in experience in the mapping and GIS database could fully meet all data requirements of all local and abroad GIS projects. We can provide you all kinds of data handling from excel file, the paper map to AutoCAD, GPS, aeronautic image, digital maps with different formats, different coordinate system ... it is possible to contain in a standard and modern database structure for the purpose of your management. Moreover, our experts can transfer the latest modern GIS database management technology of ESRI and operate perfectly on the LAN or Internet.

Tailor - made software services
VidaGIS provides tailor - made software services that are suitable with all large GIS projects for sectors in Vietnam. With the services, we are satisfied and met almost complex requirement from individuals, local.

Commercial off - the - shelf products
VidaGIS also provides off the shelf products for clients with the robust software features such as:

  • WDMS: Water distribution management system and non revenue water reduction
  • WWMS: Asset management system for water supply and sewerage
  • WAMS: Asset management system for water supply network
  • WesMapper: Rural water supply and sanitation database monitoring software system
  • BusIS: Bus route and bus station information management system
  • Atlas Server: Internet GIS system for multi purposes
  • Chembase: software system for interpreting and presenting groundwater chemistry
  • SchoolGIS: Educational management and planning software system


Vietnam Cartographic Publishing House (CPH) is a Vietnamese State Owned Company under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The Company has a full range of the most modern equipment and production lines for map establishment, printing and publishing. With more than 550 people are working in 3 branch offices in Vietnam, CPH offers a wide range of paper map, atlas, and digital map. Website:

DanWater Group, formerly WaterTech A/S, now DanWater Group includes five companies:

  • VidaGIS, Hanoi, Vietnam: specialize in IT and GIS, water and natural resources and environment.

  • DanWater Malaysia, Shah Alam, Malaysia: specialize in consulting of water supply, leakage reduction, underground water exploration. It has thirty staff.

  • Thai DanWater, Bangkok, Thailand: specialize in consulting of water supply, leakage reduction, and underground water exploration with ten staffs.

  • DanWater Philippine, Makita city, Philippine: specialize in consulting of technical water supply, construction and hydraulic model analyst. It has about eight staffs.

  • DanWater DK, Ry, Denmark: parent company in Denmark, support and associate all of members.

IFU - The Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries is a Danish government fund, who offers capital and advice to joint ventures enterprises in developing countries. Website:


VidaGIS becomes business partner for products and services related to Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • ESRI software: ArcGIS Desktop & Extensions, ArcGIS Server.
  • ITT Visual Information Solutions: Remote sensing software such as ENVI IDL…
  • ET Spatial Techniques: ET GeoTools, ET GeoWizard, ET surface… 







Cartographic Publishing House – Ministry of Natural and Environment 

Mother company, supply map and database2003 till now 
 2WaterTech A/S (now is DanWater Group) in Denmark    Mother company, support technology of water supply and sewerage management and environment management, is VidaGIS representative in Denmark, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine 2003 till now 
 3The Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) in DenmarkCapital support to VidaGIS 2003 till now 
 4ESRI in USA,
ESRI in Thailand
Become Silver Server Reseller - EPN (ESRI® Partner Network) of ESRI in Vietnam, supply ESRI software such as ArcGIS Server,  ArcGIS Desktop & Extension 2005 till now
 5DanWater Malaysia in MalaysiaCooperate to develop and distribute integrated software of water supply management system in Malaysia. 2008 till now 
 6DHI in Denmark Supply
Supply consulting expert in fields of water, environment and medical 2006 till now 
 7ITT Visual Information Solutions in USA  Supply software of remote sensing ENVI2007 till now
 8 ET Spatial TechniquesSoftware expanding tools on ArcGIS như ET GeoTools, ET GeoWizard, ET surface2008 till now
 9Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association Is a member, support activities relaing to GIS,  training, asset management, non revernue water deduction in field of water supply and sewerage 2004 till now
 10Vietnam Map Geodesic AssociationIs a member, support activities relaing to GIS, building database  2003 till now

VidaGIS Company was founded with the purpose of providing GIS solutions, software, and services in reliable with high quality, relevant requirements and conditions of Vietnamese customers. We have always focused services in association with products and ensure that customers are enjoying the largest benefits from our products.

The close cooperation among the partners has created actually power to VidaGIS. Beside experts in the country we have great advantage of having foreign experts with experience in implementing projects relating to the international field, especially in the field of water supply and sewerage, natural resources and environment, and public health. This is the area where the VidaGIS Company focuses in investment depth.

We commit to become a leading provider in providing products, GIS integration solutions

Management solutions based GIS of VidaGIS:

With the most modern and robust GIS technology of ESRI, VidaGIS provides customers the management system in many specialized areas such as water supply and sewerage, urban management, environmental sanitation, health, transport ... Our experts can cooperate with customers to build the most suitable management systems at any time, anywhere.

For more information Management solutions click here.

VidaGIS products:

For more information products click here

VidaGIS services including:

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