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Because GIS is designed as a general system for managing spatial data, it has many applications in the urban development and natural environment such as urban planning, human resources management, agriculture, public benefit operating, route, demographics, maps, sea supervision, fire fighting and diseases. In most areas, the GIS act as a tool for support decision making in planning activities.


According to the most GIS experience experts, there are many applications developed in organizations concerned with the environment. With the most simple, users can use GIS to evaluate environment such as location and attributes of forest trees. GIS applications with the more complex are to use analysis capabilities of GIS so that the process modeling of land erosion, the spread of pollution in the air or water, or the reaction of a river watershed under the effect of a deluge. If the data collection is connected with zone objects and applications using the complex analysis functions, the data model under the raster image will be prevailing.


In this area, GIS is used as a rapid response against natural disasters such as flooding in the downstream, eye of storm determination, stream prediction, and level of flooding determination, from that the preventive measures will be provided in time ... because the application is complex analysis; spatial data model under raster image is dominant.


The typical applications: harvest monitoring, land use management, goods forecasting, researching on planting land, irrigation plans, water resource checking.

Financial Service

GIS is used in the field of financial service similar to a single application. The application is applied to determine a new branch location of bank. At present, Using GIS is also increasing and this is a tool for assessing risk and purpose of insurance, and determining with the high accuracy in the largest or lowest risk areas. These areas require the different database as forms of law violence, geology, weather, and property value.


Except for the evaluation applications, management which GIS is used, GIS can also apply in the field of health. For example, it shows the fastest route between the current location of emergency vehicles and patients needed emergency based on traffic data. GIS can also be used as a tool for disease research to analyze the causes and spread of illness in the community.

Local Government

Local government is one of the largest applications of GIS, because it is an organization to use spatial data at most. All agencies of local government can benefit from GIS. GIS can be used in search and parcel of land management, it also be replace for current record documents. The local authorities can also use GIS to maintain houses and roads. GIS is used in the central control and management of emergency situations.

Retails and Distribution

Most suburb supermarkets are defined position with the help of GIS. GIS usually stores data on the socio-economic of customer in an area. A suitable area for building a supermarket can be calculated by the time to go to supermarkets, and the impact model of supermarket competition. GIS is also used for asset management and the shortest route for distribution of goods.


GIS can significantly apply in the field of transport. Planning and maintaining transport infrastructure is clearly a practical application, but now there is also have the other attention, that is a new application in maritime transport, and electronic navigation chart. This type requires the support of GIS.


Companies in this field is the GIS flexibility user, GIS is used to build the database which is usually a factor of strategic information technology. Vector data is usually used in this field. The largest applications in this field are Automated Mapping and Facility Management (AM-FM). AM-FM is used to manage features and locations of cable, valve ... The applications require the digital map with high accuracy.

An organization with the task of planning and maintaining transport network or providing services on human resources, support programs for public safety and support in emergencies, or environmental protection, GIS technology is always a dominant role by helping manage and use geographic information effectively to meet the performance requirements and goals of that organization.

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