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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 16:03

In the situation of increasing fuel at present, liner enterprises as taxi, carrier.... always face the challenges of cost of increased inputs. Reducing fuel costs to help business save costs but also help protect the environment for the community.

With Vida_Tracking solution of VidaGIS allows transport companies to change methods of management and control the activity schedule as well as truck system in an optimal way.

By the combination of GIS, GPS and GPRS technology, that is a combination of number of GIS maps and global positioning technology (GPS) with data transfer technical through the mobile phone using GSM / SMS / GPRS, all car information shown on the tracking system help monitor the movement as well as acts of individual vehicles in real time. Using this technology the carriers can optimize the actual progress of each car and optimize the entire cost on the journey of a car.

Vida_Tracking solution is a comprehensive system to help manager update and track detail information of each transport equipment in real time and meet the specific requirements of each company, each carrier will have the limited cost optimization. Results of the software may customize a wide variety such as image movement in real time of each vehicle, management information system for each vehicle, the schedule system and the process optimization in GIS data platform.

VidaGIS specialists may customize the data export according to specific requirements of each different customer.

Main parts of Vida_Tracking solution include:

  • Monitoring software system on Server
  • Converting map data to GIS data system
  • Signal collection device from monitoring system on the vehicle
  • Monitoring GPS devices and information transmit devices through GSM, CDMS of each vehicle


Modules of Vida_Soft software:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Schedule and route optimization of each vehicle
  • Informing customer position for the nearest vehicle
  • Exporting general report data
  • Updating system data of basemap
  • Connecting system with Google Earth

Benefit of Using Vida_Tracking technology:

  • Monitoring route management of all vehicles
  • Managing effectively vehicles with unlimited number nationwide
  • Expanding vehicle management applications and drivers: idle adjustment, speed…
  • Cost - saving when using GPRS technology with solution of real time monitoring
  • Avoiding theft effectively
  • Able to expand applications: Temperature, fuel level, generator…
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