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Monday, 29 December 2008 08:52

ArcInfo is the most complete desktop GIS. It includes all the functionality of ArcEditor and ArcView and adds advanced spatial analysis, extensive data manipulation, and high-end cartography tools. Organizations use the power of ArcInfo every day to create, edit, and analyze their data, display map on desktop and publish maps.

ArcInfo offers all functions to create and manage a GIS intelligent. With this feature, users can access easily through a simple interface which can be customized and expanded or through scripts and other applications.

With ArcInfo, you can:

  • Perform advanced GIS data analysis and modeling.
  • Take advantage of tools designed for overlay analysis, proximity analysis, surface analysis, and raster processing and conversion.
  • Publish and convert data in many formats.
  • Create and manage personal geodatabases, multiuser geodatabases, and feature datasets.
  • Use high-end cartography tools to generate professional-quality, publication ready maps.
  • Design customized symbols and place sophisticated annotation and labels on your maps.
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