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Monday, 29 December 2008 14:04

ArcSDE is an application server that facilitates storing and managing spatial data (raster, vector, and survey) in a DBMS and makes the data available to many applications. ArcSDE allows you to manage spatial data in one of four commercial databases (IBM® DB2®, Informix®, Microsoft® SQL Server™, and Oracle®).

ArcSDE serves data to the ArcGIS Desktop products (ArcView®, ArcEditor™, and ArcInfo®), the ArcGIS development products (ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Server), and ArcIMS® and is a key component in managing a multiuser GIS.

ArcSDE is the portability between the GIS applications and relation database management system (RDBMS). ArcSDE allows multiple users to use GIS software such as ArcInfo, ArcEditor, ArcView, and ArcIMS, MapObject can store, manage and direct access to spatial data stored in RDBMS. ArcSDE is compatible with many popular RDBMS such as Oracle, Informix, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.

ArcSDE is part of the data sharing management and multi-user. ArcSDE allows managing a large scale geodatabase, ability to display and update simultaneously by many people, high speed and search, ArcSDE is really a necessary part for medium range and large GIS systems.

Key features

  • Database portability
  • An open database management system
  • Multi-user management system
  • The implementation of GIS features in large database
  • Complex geographic information model
  • Flexible configuration


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