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Monday, 29 December 2008 15:43

ArcGIS Engine is development software to create GIS applications based on specific requirements and is run on the desktop. ArcGIS Engine is the core including components to build ArcGIS Desktop products. With ArcGIS Engine, you can build a separate application or extension of the available applications to provide the spatial solution for both GIS users and non-using.

ArcGIS Engine provides programming interfaces such as (APIs) for COM,. NET, Java and C + +. APIs not only include detailed documentation, but also have a wide range of components that make the programmer easier to build an ArcGIS application.

ArcGIS Engine provides:

  • GIS standard structure, ArcObjects, ArcGIS software is built.
  • Cost savings in using: only need an ArcGIS Engine Runtime license or an ArcGIS Desktop on a computer.
  • Developers to easily control the ActiveX,. NET and Java.
  • Standard language as COM,. NET, Java and C + + and Windows platforms, Linux, Solaris.
  • Model of objects, utilities, samples and documentation for developers.


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