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Monday, 05 January 2009 10:55

Part I: Installation guide


  • ArcView 9.x  software packages
  • Computer: configuration: 1.5GHz intel pentium IV or higher, 512 MB Ram or higher, 1.5GHz
  • Storage, Operating system Windows 2000 or XP, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

Starting to install: 

1. Insert CD A into computer and select “ Install ArcView 9.1….”



 And then click Next



2. Select “I accept the license agreement” and then click Next.



3. There are three choices to install, user should select “Complete” to have full option and then click Next.



4. You can select folder where the application will be installed by selecting Browse and then click Next.



5. ArcView Setup dialogue will appear.



Click Finish to exit




If you wish to install extensions, you can select the optional extension by mark box and click OK to continue and insert the relevant CD into CD ROM disk driver:



After finishing installation, you can restart the computer.


Part II: Registration guide for ArcView 9.x Single Use

1. Plug in Com1 port for Parallel port or USB port for USB type.

2. Install driver for hard key:



3. Select I accept:



4.  Select Complete for the next step:



And then select Finish to exit.

5.  Insert License file and copy into hardware eg.: C:\\Cdkey

6.  And then Start menu, select ArcGIS – Destop Administrator:



7. Select “Register now”



8. And then



9. Select ” I received the authorization file by email and i have saved it to disk” and click Next and select Browse to file eg: C:\\Cdkey and select License file:



10. Click Next



The dialogue will appear the registered products



And click Finish to exit.
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