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Monday, 23 November 2009 10:28
Workshop “GIS applications in the study of resource management and environment in 2009” was first held in Hue in two days 15 and 16 September 2009, attracting nearly 30 reports of scientists and researchers from three regions. With the sponsorship of the representative of Thailand to Vietnam ESRI (ESRI Vietnam) and Vietnam - Denmark VidaGIS Joint Venture Company Limited.
This conference set a premise for the International GIS Conference 2010 in Vietnam, and simultaneously orients to the enhancement of GIS applications capacity in teaching, scientific research, serving social-economic development in the coastal and Central Highlands.
Attending the seminar included officials of the Departments concerned in the country, particularly in coastal and Central Highlands; scientists, managers, lecturers of a number of universities, institutes and research centers, and foreign experts in Vietnam; agencies, companies and individuals interested in the field of GIS and remote sensing.
The seminar was heard 10 scientific reports of nearly 30 representatives. Main contents included GIS in supporting prevention and mitigation of natural disasters; GIS in environmental and natural resources management; GIS in health and health care community GIS in agriculture and aquaculture; GIS in land management, urban management and technical infrastructure; project implementation situation and GIS technology transfer in Vietnam; Applying the results of scientific research, technology transfer in the field of GIS into the training; Remote Sensing Technology application; Exhibition introduces GIS software technology.

According to Dr. Ha Van Hanh, Hue University of Science: "The speeches had focused on applicability of GIS technology not only in natural areas but also in social sectors. GIS technology not only stops the application of geographic information systems (GIS) which has become most multi-scientific applications.
Mr. Phan Thanh Hung - Thua Thien Hue Center for Flooding Prevention said: From 2000 to present, many research projects implemented GIS applications facilitate the construction of geographic information systems for complete prevention and mitigation of natural disasters in the locality. However, applied research in assessing the damages of natural disasters in each household are not cared.
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS fields in geography is a research trend applied in many countries around the world, but still quite new in Vietnam.
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thach - Hanoi University of Natural Sciences presented "Research product is the map status and risk of disease arising in space and time. Maps will be valuable reference for planning and implementation of disease prevention is the most effective way.
In research and teaching, most of us use commercial GIS software, high costs. In the condition of Vietnam joining WTO, it is required to use licensed software in government agencies is very high. That is why the topic “Application of GIS open source in teaching and researching environment and natural resources” by Nguyen Trung Hieu - Can Tho University. Besides low cost, the study of GIS open source will help the researchers early access to advanced programming techniques.
Developing WebGIS basic serves system development and help students find rooms and public transport network management in Hue City of Agreenet group also created attention by its applicability in the program “Examination season repeater”, test deployment at:, change form to update address information, pricing trọ craft room as the current active interface.

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