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Monday, 06 September 2010 17:53
Logistics related business processes like inventory management, fleet/truck management and warehousing applications remarkable cost almost organizations which have distribution resource. Domestic and international express parcels companies, freight forwarders and large hauliers all tend to have large customer bases and set strategic plans of gaining market share through effective services. The routing of vehicles and the management of logistics operations in any company that services a fairly large geographical area can be simplified by the applying GIS, which automatically reduce the complexity by bringing out subtle geographic patterns. GIS is a powerful tool in logistics for vehicle routing, efficient location of warehouses brings cost-saving as well as customer satisfaction.

GIS plays important role in helping organizations optimize delivery and service routes, well beyond finding the shortest path between a set of stops by incorporating driver and vehicle costs, capacity, schedules, and street restrictions when creating routes. The dispatcher could also be able to leverage the real time traffic conditions to modify the route the truck could or should take to minimize delays, monitor its fleet and ensure that vehicles follow their routes and maintain efficiency and schedules.

The software could demonstrate graphically what location has what stocks against what kind of demand allowing the manager to allocate new stocks to areas, which require the new stock.

Organizations typically see reductions in fleet-related expenses including fuel, maintenance, capital investment, and route planning time. The software helps to cut costs and maximize benefits on an ongoing basis, encompasses intangible benefits like customer goodwill and satisfaction. Delays could mean that the competition takes over the market.

To environment, mileage savings translate into reduced fuel use and a smaller carbon footprint, which will advance your goals for green operations.

We have seen how the entire logistics operation in a company can be handled with great efficiency by implementing GIS based logistics system. It brings the savings of 15 to 30 percent operation cost. The ability to calculate drive times is a key element of much GIS analysis in business. The cost benefit analyses for routing and scheduling products should be straight forward to present in terms of savings in numbers of vehicles and reduce mileage. The cost savings in the area of operation addressed will be much higher than the cost of a GIS software package. In addition, GIS assists the higher level decision-making in certain circumstances to avoid any cost of making bad decisions.

The successful GIS application in Logistics:
- Sears Roebuck and Co., one of the largest retail chains in USA use GIS software to take care of in-warehouse routing and direct delivery systems. The result of GIS application is increase in the productivity by more than 10 percent daily.
- City of Chicago, Illinois takes GIS to the streets and the system support Streets and Sanitation's snow removal saved the city thousands of dollars in overtime staff costs.
- FedEx use GIS in Strategic planning and Execution and save up to 793,000 gallons of fuel a year.
- DS Waters, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the U.S. leader in home and office water delivery use GIS and obtain annual increase in productivity worth more than $3 million per year.
- Apex Office Supply applied GIS logistics and got significant cost savings from the system. The company has decreased fuel usage by 4.3 percent, reduced labor hours by 18 percent, and cut drive time by an average of 7.4 percent.
Therefore, VidaGIS Company developed this solution together with customers can build an infrastructure compatible with the requirements. Our experts ready to work with customers to design a simple system effectively and easy to develop.
Our experts are yours!
Results of solutions help customers save cost, save time and work better.

Our GIS solution includes:

  • Integrated GIS system (if any)
  • Design Geodatabase
  • Build application system in Enterprise Intranet GIS
  • Build specific application tools
  • Build Internet GIS system
  • Adjustment, interpretation, remote sensing image digitalization
  • Convert VN2000 – UTM WGS84
  • Convert CAD to GIS
  • GPS survey
  • Training basic GIS and advanced
  • Training GIS database management with new technology
  • Training GPS
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