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Thursday, 21 October 2010 22:39

On 10 November 2010 at the vietnam water industry conference 2010, Mr. Sten Linberg - Head of Urban and Industry Department, DHI - a global research and consulting firm within Water, Environment and Health and Mr. Le Phuoc Thanh – from VidaGIS Company Ltd. - a Vietnamese GIS specialist and water consultant company will give the presentation of “Holistic NRW Management”.

VietWater is an international meeting of the water and wastewater industry professionals within Vietnam and the region to examine new technology, solutions and management practices as a way forward to sustainability in water supply and wastewater management leveraging on green technology and solutions. Themed “Green Technologies & Solutions for a Sustainable Water Industry”, the conference will focus on emerging technologies and advances that are eco-friendly and energy efficient as well as management best practices that are ‘green’.

Mr. Nguyen Ton – President of Vietnam Water Supply Association said: “It is with great pleasure for the Vietnam Water Supply Association (VWSA) to once again host the VIETNAM WATER INDUSTRY CONFERENCE 2010. The conference is an instrumental factor in sharing the latest knowledge and know-how between our industry professionals on highly relevant topics such as water and wastewater treatment, water management, drainage and irrigation technology, flood control and more.”

Hereinafter is the brief of the presentation of DHI and VidaGIS in the conference:

“When water becomes increasingly scarce, as experienced in many parts of the world today, optimizing its use becomes key and it makes sense to use whatever water there is much more efficiently.

Water Utilities are often beset with huge losses of water when distributing it to their consumers. Sometimes more than half of the clean water produced and pumped out never reaches the end users due to leaks, malfunctions, and illegal connections. This not only means significant amounts of water lost, but also human, financial and energy resources wasted the latter used for treating the water and pumping it out.

  • Extraordinary high impact on the scare water resources
  • Higher cost of operation and energy consumption due to unnecessary pumping and treating of water
  • High investment cost in unnecessary new facilities when trying to meet the demand
  • Big parts of the population will only have part time supply with tap water
  • High level of NRW increase the risk of bad water quality and contamination of the drinking water

DHI and VidaGIS have developed "Holistic NRW Management" a concept and methodology for reducing NRW and the payback time of the investments is very short, in many cases less than one year.

The concept consists of:

  • An IT management Decision Support System called Water Distribution Management System (WDMS + MIKE Urban + DIMS) to store, interpret and analyze data from the distribution systems and to do network hydraulic modeling.
  • Physical repair and installation works in the field to reduce NRW. But most important is that the field work is planned, managed, and prioritized based on information from the IT management system.

The concept, termed Holistic NRW Management, also builds on breaking down the system into smaller controllable units (DMA's) and implement pressure control. Once fully functional, the methodology can be further developed into advanced on-line monitoring and real-time operation of the distribution system.”

This presentation will be presented at 10:40AM on 10 November 2010 in Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre, Vietnam

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