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Saturday, 25 October 2008 20:32

With water supply companies, non revenue water (NRW) reduction is a key issue; particularly in areas of developing countries where have high losses. Companies can save millions of dollars if the rate of loss is decreased several percentage.

NRW reduction solution of VidaGIS and DanWater (Denmark) allow water supply companies to improve the capacity of pipe registration management, link information from the customer database and billing with GIS database and as in association with the hydraulic modeling and SCADA.

To manage whole information, plan and monitor water loss task, Denmark experts has used Water Supply Management System (WDMS) developed and specialized for reducing losses by the VidaGIS.


                                            WDMS System


WDMS system is an open system allowed the link with other existing systems such as customer management system, billing system; SCADA system ... VidaGIS and DanWater experts can analyze and connect the database easily.

Main parts of solution:

  • Pipe registration management
  • Customer management and billing management
  • Convert CAD to GIS
  • GPS survey and mapping
  • Convert billing database into map
  • NRW reduction method use WDMS system
  • AQUIS (from 7T) 
                                                          Main parts of WDMS

Modules of WDMS system:

  • Leakage Auditing-Pressure Management (LA-PM)
  • Pipe Registration (PR)
  • Meter & Bill Management (MBM)
  • General Analysis Thematic Layer (GATL)
  • General Function (GF)
  • Burst Management (BM)
  • Rehabilitation Planning (RP)
  • Customer Service (CS)
  • Administration (AD)
  • Report Management (RM)
NRW reduction solution has been applied successfully in Malaysia with the direct supports of NRW specialists in Malaysia and Denmark, the project was implemented from 10 May 2006 to April 2008, here are several numbers of projects:
  • Area of the project: 58.5 km2, including 62,403 customers, 739.1 km pipeline, 55 DMZ
  • 3544 leakage positions were detected and repaired
  • The rate of loss decreased from 39.2% to 20.6%
  • Monthly saving was 582000m3 of pure water compared with the time the project started
  • Costs for the entire project are 15,000,000 RM and expected to be completed after 29.5 months.

                                      Water loss ratio map

Other results of project:

  • NRW Reduction of 15% & Energy Savings
  • Improve Management of Water Supply Distribution System
  • Improve Customer Services & Revenue Collection
  • Reduce Operational Cost & Unscheduled Interruption
  • Development of long term Pipe Replacement Program
  • An Asset Management System for maintaining, operating and upgrading the Network Components.
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