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Sunday, 26 October 2008 12:38

This technology solution was developed with the tightly cooperation between VidaGIS Company and WaterTech – Denmark to bring for user a simple visualization tool to manage and display water quality with parameters and present different on map base.

The solution eases the interpretation of groundwater chemistry by presenting chemical analysis in the form of a so-called Waterwheel maps. Use of these maps provide a better overview whether you are searching for an aquifer with good natural water quality or investigating natural attenuation in connection with a contaminated site.

Through the help of Waterwheel maps, relationships between ground-water chemistry and geology, hydrogeology and land-use quickly become apparent.

Waterwheel map calculates parameters which are required for a serious interpretation of the ground-water. These values are then coupled with additional information (well number, sampling date, screened interval, etc.) and presented in the form of Waterwheels.

What is Waterwheel?

A Waterwheel is a new symbol that presents groundwater chemistry data from the analysis of a groundwater sample on a map. Each Waterwheel represents one water sample.

The Waterwheel symbol includes basis data, calculated parameters and data. In short, each wheel includes all the information you need to interpret the groundwater chemistry.


The Waterwheel symbol is unique. A literature search for other symbols used for mapping purposes showed that no other symbol which provides the total overview needed to interpret groundwater chemistry is available.

The solution was deployed at Aarhus Amt city, Department of Water Environment Management.

Software for GIS solution:

  • ArcSDE
  • ArcGIS Engine

The work implementation of project includes:

  • Analyze available groundwater database structure of Aarhus city,
  • Analyze management process,
  • Build separate database for system,
  • Build Waterwheel,
  • Establish base map,
  • Establish thematic map,
  • Develop software system on desktop.
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