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Sunday, 26 October 2008 12:42

Building Tsunami hazard maps can become an important factor to minimize damage caused by the tsunami. Particularly for countries with a long coastline as Vietnam.

In the project of building a map of tsunami scenario, scientists in Institute of Meteorological and Hydrographic (IMH) used Modern Indicator Model to calculate the spread of tsunami on the South China Sea with the purpose of forecasting and map construction in warning tsunami hazard for coastal areas of Vietnam.

With GIS technology from VidaGIS company, GIS professional experts and scientists of the Institute have built successful systems to allow managing base map system with many probable tsunami scenarios.

The system allows users to choose the location of earthquake centre, intensity ... to see the impact level of tsunami to Vietnamese coastal. And more intuitive, the system allows exporting the scenario into dynamic image or short movies.

The solutions have been deployed in the Institute of Meteorological and Hydrography (IMH) - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Main parts of solution:

  • GIS base map system
  • Dynamic models
  • ArcGIS Engine
  • AtlasServer


The implementation works of project:

  • Build and calculate tsunami propagation model on the south china sea
  • Build base map
  • Build thematic map
  • Establish software system on desktop
  • Build tools of scenario view in Internet.
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