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Sunday, 26 October 2008 12:45

The special point of transportation system is the blood line of economic, spread over the entire length of a country, accompanied by a transport system is the easements such as road bridges, traffic signs ... Strict management in quality, status, and information about maintenance and operation and the system is very difficult for many countries. And of course if we can understand the correct information as well as information on socio-economic, planning, the good plan for 10 or 20 years has almost been unfeasible task.

So What can we do to help you? Together with experts on urban transportation experienced on GIS, map, satellite image, GPS, system development…will help you build ideas on the system, management tools… to meet your management requirements. And we could edit and update the system until you’re happy!

      Bus route map in Hanoi, Interface on the Internet

Our solution includes:

  • Density mapping
  • Satellite image mapping
  • GPS survey
  • GPS Tracking and Asset monitoring by GPS
  • Build Transport GIS database
  • Build GIS based asset management system
  • Build GIS based Operation & Maintenance management system
  • Build transport planning system
  • Training basic GIS and advanced
  • Training GPS
The solution has been applied successfully in Hanoi to serve the purpose of planning the bus stations and bus routes based on criteria of population density, habitual of citizens ... The project was implemented with the guidance of German experts and urban specialists in Hanoi Bus Management Center. 
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