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Sunday, 26 October 2008 12:46

Urban Tree Management solution based GIS developed by VidaGIS Company aims to use the power of GIS technology to serve the purpose of:

  • Improving the management effectiveness of the state in planning, planting, maintenance and protection, chopping and moving urban trees, encouraging management socialization and developing urban green.
  • Meeting a goal to increase the percentage of green area, contributing to improve and protect the urban environment of the tropics and creating the separate style of each city.
  • System can deploy in the departments, and enhance capacity of information sharing and unified management.

Database, information in the system:

Information of city basemap often gets with 1/2000 scale including the following information layers:
  • Transport, hydrology, building…
  • Information layer of green including position, type, name, height, diameter, owner, quality, number of trees, related documents…
  • Information layer of city green planning
  • Information layer of city comprehensive planning

       Green map in GIS system with information of different attribute name


  • Supporting urban tree planning task
  • With the spatial analysis function of GIS, the system can provide general information or details relating to current tree land fund by using a simple operation. The system also export thematic maps displayed density, coverage, dispersion, green area on a person…The system can calculate minimum land fund for green, and arboretum for a residential area.
  • Even in the important street line, experts can use 3D module to view street line under all angles, analyze the relation between trees and buildings, residents…with the purpose of designing tree planning.
  • From that, planning experts will get an overall picture of the tree planning at Hanoi.


Supporting urban tree planting task:

  • With the design tools of GIS, the specialists can identify distance, how long it should be planted a tree or two trees. GIS can display a tree type, shape of a different tree option on the computer. Therefore, it is easier to determine the types of trees, density of trees, even tree position…than a lot of complex manipulations on the paper map.
  • With the support of GIS, base map, satellite images with high accuracy for identifying the distance among trees, between trees and roadside ... described by visualization and accuracy on the computer.
  • If the database has information of GIS such as throat on fire, light column, the power grids, technical pipes ..., the design and planted tree licensing are more accurate and objective to ensure urban safety and increase the urban landscape beauty.


Supporting tree maintenance and protection tasks:

  • With a large database and is updated regularly on the cutting ,hanger, top of the green tasks, leadership level can monitor working progress through the map,
  • The system will ensure the schedule of cutting, green care is a model and the work will be prompted periodically and regularly alert by computer.
  • Easy to plan checking for dangerous plants, determine the level of risk since it can plan to replace, cutting... With GIS technology, you can classify the level of risk for each tree and have a behavior plan in time before the rain – storm season.
  • Determining exactly the safe scope to protect tree roots.

                 View detail information for each tree

Supporting in the establishment of management record for each tree:

  • With the help of GIS and GPS, setting up and tracking record for managing green are easier and more accurate. Staff can find a tree position needed to be cut very quickly by using the information and coordinates exported from the GIS system.
  • In addition to information about height, size, name, type, quality ... you can put other information such as photos with time, the movie to maintaining and protecting trees…for each tree.

Serving to cut and move urban tree:

  • System assist to get licensing in cutting, moving green easily and quickly, because the entire information of trees, the around landscape, procedures of issuing licenses, and forms ... are integrated in system. Licensing work will be run quickly.
  • After cutting or movement, the new status may also be updated on the system to ensure that information is always accurate and updated.
      Tree distribution spectrum on height displays risk level and top of tree cutting volume
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