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Sunday, 26 October 2008 18:16

Atlas Server is a solution for online digital map on the Internet to manage, update, distribute, and display thematic map and GIS database information in LAN, WAN, Internet. Convenient and simple interface as paper map in the Internet is suitable for users. Atlas Server fit with small or big Map and GIS database, it also has advance customization. Atlas Server is suitable with many kind of organization.

Useful applications

  • Applications in data collection for purpose of tracking statistics in large
  • Applications in administration management
  • Applications in health, environment, water management, training and education...
  • Applications in advertising, update information such as: promotion, travel advertisement, finding route and address system, bus route reference.
  • Applications in agency map, distribution system…online services.
Atlas Server features

All features of Atlas Server are developed by VidaGIS based in the open source platform. With the customization features, the system allows user to meet the customer demands when they require providing system, small or large software solutions, simple or complex and product costs as well.

1. Manage multiple map

  • User can select and open any map or chapter of map in database.
  • User can turn on/off layers, information layer group and view definition of layer display and map scale bar.
  • Perform zoom in/out, pan, question and ask, search.
                 Daknông AtlasServer has been implemented by VidaGIS based on AtlasServer product

2. Select and search information

  • Measure distance between objects.
  • View attribute information and a object space on the map.
  • Search object on the map.

3. Update information

  • Directly update attribute information of an object in website, for example:  the criteria of population, economic, investment of province.
  • Update spatial information in website, example: geographic coordinate of university, hospital.
  • Add a new point (school, hospital, post office…), line, polyline or polygon for purpose of gathering data, investigation in large extent.
  • User could delete directly objects on the map by simply manipulation in web interface.
  • When changing information, system will automatically update and create a correlative graph.

4. Graph management

  • User can view directly graph where contains object attribute information

5. System management

  • Permit user decentralize under many levels.
  • High security, guarantee to information in database.
  • Ability to trace system and create log file.

6. Manage map and charter of map

  • Add, delete a map chapter.
  • Update data to a map chapter.
  • Add, delete, update information for each map.
  • Administrator can update database on the map.


                 Map location of the distribution agencies, sales ... on the Internet using AtlasServer product

7. Print

  • User can print map at any scale and any layer. When printing, user wants to add information, it is easily to edit more information and print.

8. Integrate Multimedia and Atlas Server

  • User can view report of each map and divide into every year.
  • Manage and update information for report.
  • When viewing report, user can view graph summary, images, sound, film for the report.


click here to see system demo.

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