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Sunday, 26 October 2008 18:20

Water supply and sewerage system is an important infrastructure in both rural and urban. Currently, in large urban areas of Vietnam have many residential areas which do not have enough clean water to use while an large amount of water still losses significantly. With water supply companies, non revenue water (NRW) reduction is a key issue; particularly in areas of developing countries where have high losses. Companies can save millions of dollars if the rate of loss is decreased several percentage.

WDMS system of VidaGIS and DanWater (Denmark) allow water supply companies improve the capacity of pipe registration management, link information from the customer database and billing with GIS database and as in association with the hydraulic modeling and SCADA. Since then, a specific NRW reduction strategy is provided. The system is built on the basis of experiences, activities, surveys in many years of Denmark professional experts.

                                            WDMS System

WDMS system is an open system allowed the link with other existing systems such as customer management system, billing system; SCADA system ... VidaGIS and DanWater experts can analyze and connect the database easily.

The whole WDMS system is implemented in a unified GIS database platform including all information on: pipeline, customers, meters, leakage, billing …are created  and managed a GIS database platform, to ensure that the information is managed scientifically, non–duplication, taken the advantage of management ability and analyzed the GIS spatial information for water supply company.


Main parts of WDMS

  • Integrated GIS database
  • Leakage Auditing-Pressure Management (LA-PM)
  • Pipe Registration (PR)
  • Meter & Bill Management (MBM)
  • General Analysis Thematic Layer (GATL)
  • General Function (GF)
  • Burst Management (BM)
  • Rehabilitation Planning (RP)
  • Customer Service (CS)
  • Administration (AD)
  • Report Management (RM)

Integrated database and base map

Integrated database includes base GIS database, spatial data and the attribute of water supply system such as:

  • Pipe information
  • Leakage information
  • Information of pressure meters, flow, pump station
  • Information of leakage zone, pressure, service
  • Customer information

Related information such as population density, building project: houses, roads, traffic…which water supply zone will go through.

This is a large database built on the basis of:

  • GIS, SDE technology of ESRI
  • Relation database management technology of Oracle, MS. SQL Server
  • Storage, management, versioning technology of ESRI

Leakage Auditing-Pressure Management (LA-PM)

Leakage prevention is a major problem in water supply field. With this solution, WDMS system allows to report, manage, monitor, calculate and predict the point, the leakage area, and planning to fix the leaking points. After identifying the leakage position and update the databases.

  Fluctuation tracking chart of pipeline pressure and meter index

The system allows user find the accurate position leakage under different conditions such as zone, period, the serious level etc.. And display them with other related information. The system allows managers have more information at the same time to provide timely measures to properly handle, economical and effective.

Pipe registration - PR

Pipe registration management system is GIS management system helped user manage, store and analyze a volume of information on networks such as type of pipes, size, material, installation date, price, installation person etc. .. While continuously updated information on stream flow, flow pressure. Processing information together with related information in other databases such as terrain, roads, population density, etc. ..

The system allows manager to search for end point of pipe, service pipe calculation, independent network interpolation, and check the accuracy of the entered information, etc. .. Moreover, user can check the status of pipeline under different conditions such as region, category, installation time, the leakage frequency, etc. .. Since then user can set plan for maintenance, replacement at a reasonable time.


Meter & Billing Management (MBM)

Meter and billing management system help user manage information relating to customers such as personal information, the volume of water consumed per month, water supply points, a water database etc. .. This system is connected to the billing calculation system for customers (billing system).

 To be statistic meters by using index level in chart...


…or display on the map

Burst Management - BM

The system allows saving the entire history information of leakage points, cracking point and pipeline detonation points... System allows to perform a series of spatial analysis to answer the management questions such as:
  • Which type of pipelines can be detonated most?
  • Which executive units can install pipe with the good or bad quality?
  • Which pipeline should be replaced immediately?

 Frequent statistic of the leakage points on the pipe material

Rehabilitation Planning - RP

This system allows experts to set plan of network development based on the local actual needs


Customer Service - CS
This system allows user to provide a channel of exchange information between customers with a service provider. In any information about the leakage points, customers can call and the system will record the information and store into Database.
Problems will be categorized, and the system can make a map or chart of the statistical classification:

  Statistical chart on type of water supply problem

Administration - AD


User management and permission

  • Change the format of the map displayed the module
  • Edit the list of system table, category table
  • Edit the displaying language on the interface.

Report Management - RM



  • The report format under .pdf or excel
  • Reports in .pdf format is automatically exported into the daily schedule set in advance.


 The daily report of NRW


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