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Sunday, 26 October 2008 18:48

ENVI is the premier software solution to quickly, easily, and accurately extract information from geospatial imagery.

The growing reliance on geospatial imagery makes it increasingly important for you to get the critical information you need from your imagery. Tools and processes that help you easily and accurately extract information are essential, whether you need information for intelligence, scientific or planning purposes.

ENVI provides advanced, user-friendly tools to read, explore, prepare, analyze and share information extracted from your imagery.

Developed by the experts in image processing and data visualization, ENVI is built on an extensible platform that allows you to easily expand and customize your ENVI applications. And, with its broad cross platform support, ENVI can be your solution regardless of whether you are in a Windows®, Macintosh, Linux or UNIX environment.

Read Virtually Any Imagery Type and Format

ENVI supports imagery types gathered from numerous satellite and airborne sensors including panchromatic, multispectral, hyperspectral, radar, thermal, lidar, and more. ENVI can read over 70 data formats and includes HDF, GeoTIFF and JITC certified NITF support. And, ENVI also delivers enterprise capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily access imagery from OGC and JPIP compliant servers within your organization or over the internet.

Prepare Your Image

With ENVI you can:
  • Standardize images
  • Register two or more images
  • Calibrate imagery
  • Correct imagery for atmospheric distortions
  • Create vector overlays
  • Identify regions of interest (ROIs)
  • Create digital elevation models (DEMs)
  • Perform pan sharpening, masking, and mosaicking
  • Resize, rotate, or convert the data type


Explore Your Imagery

ENVI gives you an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use tools that allow you to quickly and easily view and explore your imagery. You can use ENVI to view large datasets and metadata, visually compare imagery, create powerful 3D visualizations, create scatter plots, explore pixel signatures, and more.

Analyze Your Imagery

ENVI provides a complete suite of tools based on proven scientific methods to help you analyze your imagery including:

  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Spectral Analysis Tools

Share Your Information

ENVI easily integrates into your existing workflow, allowing you to share your maps and reports with colleagues in virtually any environment. ENVI also has versatile output and "save as" options. Your processed image can be output to common vector and raster formats for collaboration and presentation.


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