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Sunday, 26 October 2008 18:50

Hanoi street GIS database

Currently, there are many organizations needed to use Hanoi Database, this is one of the database applied in many fields such as traffic management, sales management, using database will be able to benefit the most effective for enterprises.

VidaGIS has already had existing database of Hanoi with 1/7.500 scale designed and stored in many popular formats such as shapefile, geodatabase. Additional, the database is standardized, checked geometry topology and updated many necessary attributes by VidaGIS using a coordinate system in 2000 for database, Ellipsoid WGS 84, UTM projection.

Time updated data recently in 2006 based on the method of survey and satellite image digitalization. Hanoi street database includes the following information layers:

  • Administrative boundary: district, commune
  • Transportation including main road routes with attribute, special transport routes
  • Resident points such as hotel, hospital, school, transport parking, embassy…
  • Land use layer including vegetable blanket, tree…in Hanoi
  • Cadastral layer with residential area, vacant land
  • Hydrographic layer, lake, river in Hanoi


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