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Sunday, 26 October 2008 19:16

Simply speaking, a GIS system includes a minimum of components follows:

- Hardware
- Software
- Figure
- People
- Process

When users want to set up a GIS system, it is possible to build five parts on the best way.

However, how to understand the whole complex technical concepts, high technologies as GIS, GPS ... to the standard concept such as coordinate system, the grid. And even many people think that hardware to run GIS system is simple, but now become complicated with the assorted core processor ...

Many manufacturers have currently produced GIS software and also software for free. So which software should be chosen, of which company in order to minimize any risk and a volume of investment capital which can be waste ... is a major problem. To build a GIS system for about 20-50 users, the complexity of the database and software are very high. For example, software of ESRI combining skillfully license of the software and extension ... requires knowledge of ESRI software system.

Therefore, VidaGIS Company has focused and ready to advise clients a step by step, by learning individual needs, the infrastructure conditions ... to offer professional advice to optimize designs, be effective for each customer. Our experts have got a lot of experiences in:

GIS software system of ESRI

  • Software system of Intergraph
  • Software system of MapInfo
  • Software system of MapServer
  • Oracle database
  • SQL database
  • Map establishment
  • Average and high GIS accuracy
  • Basic concept of remote sensing

Some consultant projects to establish GIS system that we've made:

  • Project A
  • Project B

A good GIS system is a benefit for our customers!

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