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Sunday, 26 October 2008 19:18

Currently, there are many GIS software products on the market produced by many famous firms such as:

- ESRI America with ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcIMS (also ArcGIS Server), ArcPad...

- MapInfo with Mapinfo, MapExtrem...

- AutoDesk 

- Bentley

- ...

The above products called on the package GIS system can be used for many fields and purposes. They are brought to end users by firm’s distribution channels - VidaGIS is also a distributor so.

However, this is due to a product package and sometimes will not meet some requirements (very important) by customers such as customized interface, language conversion, special feature needs, the table needs ...

To serve customers' needs, the company focuses on developing GIS system development team from 2002 to meet the actual needs of customers. This service we call tailormade as customer’s desire.

According to all evaluations, our tailor-made systems have brought maximum benefits to customers on their existing database. Saving time, task processes, less errors, more accurate, more understandable ... Here's what a system we created to give customers.


What methods we work like? We not only simply sell what we have, but also we sell the products which customer needs! We will appoint our specialist to work together with you, listen to practical requirements, and survey the conditions of infrastructure, the survey existing data... After we almost have to understand the needs of the system as you are finished on 50%!

Our system is developed based on advanced and updated technology by:

  • ESRI
  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft C#
  • Java
Some GIS software development projects have been executed such as:
  • Project A
  • Project B   
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