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Sunday, 26 October 2008 19:19

As we all know the establishment of GIS database is extremely important for a GIS project. According to some research, the cost for the establishment of databases can account for 70% of the total cost of the project. However, this is changing with measurement technologies at present. Thus, GIS database has always occupied an important part in the GIS project. Without standard and update data we cannot manage.

VidaGIS Company and Cartographic Publishing House and Map with rich in experience in the mapping and GIS database can fully meet all data requirements of all local and abroad GIS projects.

With GIS specialists in VidaGIS, we can provide you the service of handling all kinds of data from excel file, the paper map to AutoCAD, GPS, aeronautic image, digital maps with different formats, different coordinate system ... it is possible to contain in a standard and modern database structure for the purpose of your management.

The GIS database of VidaGIS Company always checks in all aspect of geometry, Topology, network ... with care and aesthetic, and map standard in Vietnam.

Moreover, our experts can transfer you the latest modern GIS database management technology of ESRI and operate perfectly on the LAN or Internet. 


  • Customers do not maintain a team to build maps, process map operations such as changing coordinates, processing Remote Sensing image ...
  • Customers must not invest expensive hardware, software to process figures
  • We can update the latest GIS database for customers
  • Analysis and figure processing are required time-consuming and people, with professional developer, we can build high quality software tools and high speed in figure processing.

VidaGIS Services include:

  • Convert file format: file TAB, MIF, DGN, DXF, XLS... to ESRI format or vice versa
  • Design specialized GIS database structure
  • Convert coordinate systems
  • Integrate GIS measurement figures
  • Integrate other specialized database of customers
  • Standardize topology
  • Standardize geometry
  • Standardize network
  • Create labeling and annotation
  • Create metadata
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