The vietnam water industry conference 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by VIDAGIS   
Thursday, 21 October 2010 22:39

On 10 November 2010 at the vietnam water industry conference 2010, Mr. Sten Linberg - Head of Urban and Industry Department, DHI - a global research and consulting firm within Water, Environment and Health and Mr. Le Phuoc Thanh – from VidaGIS Company Ltd. - a Vietnamese GIS specialist and water consultant company will give the presentation of “Holistic NRW Management”.

VietWater is an international meeting of the water and wastewater industry professionals within Vietnam and the region to examine new technology, solutions and management practices as a way forward to sustainability in water supply and wastewater management leveraging on green technology and solutions. Themed “Green Technologies & Solutions for a Sustainable Water Industry”, the conference will focus on emerging technologies and advances that are eco-friendly and energy efficient as well as management best practices that are ‘green’.

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GIS in Logistics PDF Print E-mail
Written by VidaGIS   
Monday, 06 September 2010 17:53
Logistics related business processes like inventory management, fleet/truck management and warehousing applications remarkable cost almost organizations which have distribution resource. Domestic and international express parcels companies, freight forwarders and large hauliers all tend to have large customer bases and set strategic plans of gaining market share through effective services. The routing of vehicles and the management of logistics operations in any company that services a fairly large geographical area can be simplified by the applying GIS, which automatically reduce the complexity by bringing out subtle geographic patterns. GIS is a powerful tool in logistics for vehicle routing, efficient location of warehouses brings cost-saving as well as customer satisfaction.
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GPS Tracking and Navigation PDF Print E-mail
Written by VidaGIS   
Tuesday, 25 November 2008 16:03

In the situation of increasing fuel at present, liner enterprises as taxi, carrier.... always face the challenges of cost of increased inputs. Reducing fuel costs to help business save costs but also help protect the environment for the community.

With Vida_Tracking solution of VidaGIS allows transport companies to change methods of management and control the activity schedule as well as truck system in an optimal way.

By the combination of GIS, GPS and GPRS technology, that is a combination of number of GIS maps and global positioning technology (GPS) with data transfer technical through the mobile phone using GSM / SMS / GPRS, all car information shown on the tracking system help monitor the movement as well as acts of individual vehicles in real time. Using this technology the carriers can optimize the actual progress of each car and optimize the entire cost on the journey of a car.

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Water and Sanitation Management PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 15:34

Currently, there exist many differences between the significant indicators related to issues of water and environmental sanitation in Vietnam. Ministries, departments and organizations involved often use other sources and conflict in the efforts to solve the same problem in rural areas.

In order to solve this problem, UNICEF, CERWASS and other organizations including The National Target Programs for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, General Department of Statistics, Ministry of Health, World Bank, DANIDA, AusAID, Luxembourg Government and VidaGIS Company with the cooperative development of a comprehensive system for monitoring water supply and sanitation in rural areas. This system aims to resolve all existing issues which are overlapped and allowed authorities at all levels setting up the plan on the basis of the standard data and accurate comparisons.

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Water Resource Management PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vidagis   
Monday, 10 November 2008 16:02

Natural water is considered to be invaluable resources for humans. For the developed countries, water resources are a very important role and are set on top in the exploitation in using and managing with large scale. Conversely, for the slow development country or developing countries, the role of water has never been clear awareness, but it is frequently using waste and it has dynamics to conserve and use precious minerals resources effectively.

Therefore, some international cooperation projects has coordinated with these countries to implement and deploy awareness about the role of the water, the supported exploitation, consumption and general management of water natural resources with the reasonable, sustainable and effective ways.

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