Our fully cloud-based AMS service enables your maintenance staff members to more effectively manage water supply pipe, valve, water meter, equipment, building, facility, hotel, factory, healthcare and equipment maintenance management operations. And moreover, with the power of the GIS core system, you can see how your assets distributed on the map, presentation of thematic maps, use spatial analysis to find the answer for the question of where, how, when and what. And even do rehabilitation plan for next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years ...

With Aktivmap, you can manage assets in two ways: on GIS basis for field assets like water-pipe, and on asset database for plant equipment such as pump. The combination of two GIS and AMS systems makes Aktivmap different and powerful compared to other traditional asset management systems.

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GIS System

VidaGIS is the first company in Vietnam to operate professionally in the field of GIS since 2003. We provide GIS systems including hardware, software, databases ... for many ministries, branches such as Environment Resources, Construction, Health, Transportation, Education, Water Supply and Sewerage.

The integrated GIS systems we provide include:

• GIS Server: GIS server for managing GIS database, satellite image
• GIS Desktop: GIS software for workstations for analysis, processing, reporting and printing of high quality.
• GIS Mobile: GIS software for mobile devices for data extraction and field collection
• GIS Service: GIS service with cloud-based technology, which can meet the entire needs of GIS data management from very small units with few users to organizations with tens of thousands of users. GIS, while no need to invest server and software.

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Asset Management System - AMS

AMS is an asset management system based GIS for infrastructure management such as: water supply, waste water, transportation, electric, public light, park...

We build AMS system with the most advanced technologies on the world like ESRI and with know-how from Danish experts. We also supplied AMS functionalities with cloud-based service.

The main modules of AMS will be:

• GIS core module
• AMS core module
• Inventory module
• Operation & Maintenance module
• Facility module
• Incident report module
• Integration and report module

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Monitoring and Evaluation system - M&E

The M & E system based GIS helps asset management organizations as well as projects and assesses the effectiveness of each activity so that appropriate and timely improvements can be made.

Our GIS-based M & E system can help the development of international organizations to ensure that programs operate in a transparent and efficient manner. Organizations can then allocate funding appropriately, which can be tailored to their needs and funding strategies. Activities can be monitored and evaluated consistently by donors and funding sources to ensure that funding is used properly and effectively.

The functions of our GIS-based M & E system include:

• Establish and monitor indicators (KPIs)
• Project management
• Program management
• Report management
• Data integration
• Integrated GIS geographic information system
• Integrated maps from sources like OSM, Google ...

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VidaGIS's SaaS service provide centrally stored applications through the Internet as a service. Instead of installing, maintaining, upgrading hardware as well as software, customers only need to select the applications consistent with requirements and run on the cloud infrastructure. Besides, our SaaS service provides access management to applications including security, availability and performance from web browsers for GIS, AMS, M & E software.
Advantages of SaaS:
  • SaaS offers the highest user interaction, low initial cost, fast deployment time, convenient upgrades and seamless integration;
  • Access to applications is easy
  • Customers are always using the latest utilities: SaaS providers are responsible for managing, backing up data, maintaining and upgrading infrastructure to bring the best efficiency for customers.
  • Remote Access: Working anywhere from any device with the Internet.
VidaGIS's SaaS service:
  • GIS based: Users could access to wide range of GIS functionalities without install the software
  • AMS focus: asset management system included: O&M, work-order, business proccess, asset historical, event registration...
  • High security: Customers use the same large system without any worries about unauthorized access, similar to a bank's SaaS model.
  • Multitenant architecture: All users and applications share a common infrastructure, providers can help customers save the innovation and application development 
  • Ability to adjust easily: Each user has the ability to adjust the application to suit the workflow without affecting the overall infrastructure. SaaS service can be upgraded, lower risk and lower cost for VidaGIS's customers.
Some SaaS services of VidaGIS:
  • Asset Management System for Water Supply and Drainage Network
  • Lighting Asset Management System
  • Management system for incident, requires customers and workflow
  • Maintenance management system for plant equipment
  • Infrastructure management system for industrial zones
  • ...
VidaGIS specializes in GIS database conversio and related technologies with hundreds of projects implemented. We provide comprehensive solutions for spatial data management for organizations through the best modern services such as GIS, remote sensing .
Our GIS database service includes:
  • Scan - Digitizing - Database conversion
  • Remote sensing
  • Data Quality Assurance - QA (Data Reviewer, Topology, Geomatric network)
  • Standardize the database
  • Mapping.
Our Data Conversion Services:
  • Provided at competitive prices, high quality service and lowest turnaround time per specification required.
  • Design the GIS database and performing on-demand conversions aimed at eliminating data loss, improving geometric consistency, and maximizing utility of the database.
Some projects to buil database of VidaGIS:

Application GIS to build the post and telecommunication infrastructuredatabase for Vinh Long Information and Communication Department to serve the provincial and district-level state management agencies in managing and licensing the planning in the post and telecommunications . To contribute to raising the efficiency and effectiveness of administration and administration of the Department of Information and Communication of Vinh Long province, reducing the work of investigating infrastructure control in enterprises, raising the awareness of infrastructure construction.

Application of GIS technology to standardize environmental resources database for Vinh Long DoNRE, including: Land; Natural resources; Environmental information is closely linked to policy and law making in the socio-economic sectors.

Application of GIS to synchronous the geographic component database, designing, building the GIS database structure for the transport sector under the linear reference model LRS

VidaGIS's research and development center has experience in developing GIS software base on web-based, desktop, mobile and SaaS. We always actively find the suit solution for every customer with latest technology and technology to make the best product for our customers, including ESRI technology and open source.
Implementing ESRI Solutions/Open Source:
  • We have implemented application solutions based on ArcGIS for VidaGIS's projects and became the first distributor in Vietnam of ESRI products. Simultaneously involved in the conversion process to cloud technology and web to offer customers with optimal solutions from ESRI technology.
  • Open source applications: PostgreSQL, MySQL, GeoServer, MapServer ... help customers manage database flexibly with centralized storage model on the server.
A number of software development projects have been implemented:

In the project development information and communications technology Da Nang, VidaGIS is one of the main partners responsible for the development of GIS platforms and 4 large service in Danang: System management rights land use; The building permit management system; Public lighting system; Drainage system.

Asset Management Project for the supply water network aims to transform and improve the management capacity of the water supply system towards a new and advanced management solution in line with management and development requirements of customers. The project has collected and synchronized data related to water supply network assets in order to develop a centralized database for information sharing and management of information quickly, efficiently and accurately.

GIS training at VidaGIS is different from the normal classroom environment because we have the ability to customize the training curriculum with the specific data sets. After years of implementing GIS training, we have studied the needs of our users, thereby developing a special and flexible approach based on practical problems for each training cource.
GIS training services include:
  • ESRI
  • Open Source
  • Training using software
  • Software development training.
Courses at VidaGIS:

The course will equip for trainee basic knowledge about 3D data structure: TIN, Grid. How to create, manipulate and edit 3D model by ArcGIS 3D Analyst. Main contents of course include: create 3D model, spatial analysis by 3D model, display 3D model and query information from 3D model by ArcGIS 3D Analyst.

The course will equip for trainee basic knowledge about raster data, how to create, manipulate and edit spatial model by ArcGIS Spatial Analyst. Main contents of the course including: Analyze surface, distance in raster environment; create grid-base datasets and methods that ArcGIS Spatial Analyst uses raster and vector data in integration environment.

ArcGIS II training course will provide advanced knowledge about GIS and ArcGIS software based on obtained knowledge after participating ArcGIS I training course. ArcGIS II can help trainee use fluently functions of ArcMap and ArcCatalog to analyze space, combine attribute and spatial data, correct, add/delete data, display data on the map with different options.

ArcGIS I will provide trainee basic knowledge about GIS to apply ESRI software such as: ArcView®, ArcEditor™, or ArcInfo™ for specialized working with high efficiency. The contents of ArcGIS I include basic GIS concept; Query GIS database ; Management, edit spatial and attribute data ; Display data and information by map or graph.

Currently, there are a lot of GIS software manufacturers including free software. Choosing software to minimize the risk, effectively use the capital investment is a big problem. Building a GIS system for about 20-50 users, the complexity of the database, the software will be very high. For example, ESRI software, the combination of software licensing, extention ... requires professional knowledge of the ESRI software system.
Our consulting services include:
  • Design: Consulting hardware, software, network, database, design the database structure 
  • Building: construction database and measurement
  • Integration of GIS system with Billing, Scada, Invisible system, other information system.
Some typical projects:

Consultant set up planning connection system (Pcs) for Hai Phong City belong to the Urban Transport Development Project funded by World Bank (WB). VidaGIS provides technical to support Hai Phong Department of Transportation and PMU to establish a GIS department at Hai Phong Department of Transport. The GIS office of Hai Phong Department of Transport will support the management of road infrastructure.

Consultant integrates renewable energy database for Ministry of Industry and Trade and other local government agencies in building policy, planning, management and evaluation for Renewable energy development. Besides, providing support to investors, trading partners, consultants and research organizations in identifying business opportunities and developing specific investment projects.

In simple terms, a GIS system should have the following minimum components: - Hardware - Software - Data - People - Processes And when we want to set up a good GIS system, of course we must Designing the five components in the best way. However, the problem of customers (organizations, companies that need to build management system based on GIS) or encounter is how to understand Comprehensive technical concepts, high technologies such as GIS, GPS ... to the concept of standard, coordinate system, projection. And even as simple as hardware to run GIS system, now also point to complex with some kind of processor ...


2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease monitoring system

2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease monitoring system

11/02/2020 10:46:00 AM

To manage and localize of 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease and help people easily...

Using GIS to Assess Urban Tree Canopy

Using GIS to Assess Urban Tree Canopy

05/02/2020 12:18:00 PM

The University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab used spatial analysis to map out how the city of Philadelphia's tree canopy changed between 2008 to 2018.


VNGEONET - The first network of satellite positioning stations in Vietnam

VNGEONET - The first network of satellite positioning stations in Vietnam

05/02/2020 11:48:13 AM

On the morning of December 27, 2019, at the Conference on summarizing the work in 2019 and implementing the work in 2020 of the Natural Resources and Environment sector, the Launching ceremony of the network of national satellite positioning stations (VNGEONET). VNGEONET will help to complete and modernize the basic measurement and cartography infrastructure; provide information, measurement and cartography data timely, complete and accurate manner for the socio-economic development, national defense and security; supervise natural resources, protect environment, prevent natural disasters and rescue, protect territorial sovereignty, promote scientific research on the Earth.

Workshop about project deployment on researching and building spatial data infrastructure (SDI)

Workshop about project deployment on researching and building spatial data...

20/12/2019 03:54:00 PM

On the afternoon of October 11th, 2019, a seminar on the deploying of the topic "Researching and building spatial data infrastructure (SDI) was held at the Information Technology Center of Thua Thien Hue province, serving urban planning, management and development - pilot in Thua Thien Hue province”. [1]

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